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Pixel to knit transfer

Transform your digital creations into tangible works of knit art! With Wildemasche, you can now transfer any pixel-perfect image into a stunning knitted product.

From photos to artwork, logos to memes, bring your digital masterpieces to life with our innovative knitwear technology. Say goodbye to traditional printing methods and hello to pixel-to-knit magic!”

This is the future of AI based knitting:

  • Pixel-to-Knit Innovation: Experience the cutting-edge technology of transferring digital images into knitted products with Wildemasche.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities: Bring your creativity to life by knitting any AI image, from photos and artwork to logos and designs.
  • Unique and Personalized: Create one-of-a-kind fashion items, home decor, or merchandise with your custom pixel-to-knit creations.
  • Text-to-knit: prompt your image, then turn it into knitwear