Custom scarf knitted your way

Welcome to the custom scarf blog by Wildemasche: enjoy our unique blend of news, know-how, designs and details regarding custom scarves and blankets.

For the last 11 years and still, Wildemasche is the only company where you can design and order a custom knit scarf online. While others give you an enquiry form only, we offer full design and shop functionality, to design and actually order your custom single piece, or any other amount. No minimum order quantity (MOQ), your custom made design is knitted as single piece. Overmore, the designs are not just mock-ups or sketches, but they actually are the production files that will be knitted.

Resistance is futileThe scarf is then not printed or embroidered, but knitted one stitch per pixel. And the order is carried out in a few days (for single pieces and small amounts, at least). For larger orders, production time usually is about 1-3 weeks.

As THE global custom scarf player on the market, we offer worldwide delivery with various services, from cheap to insanely fast.

We are looking forward to knit your design idea in a custom scarf, design scarf or blanket.