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How to choose a knit product type & options?

Currently, you can design and order these products at Wildemasche:

  • Football scarves
  • design scarves
  • 2-color and 4-color blankets
  • Beanie hats
  • masks
  • knit fabric panels
  • fineknit sweaters
  • regular sweaters

Depending on product type, you can choose from several yarn qualities and sizes. E.g. Football scarf in acrylic in standard size, or blanket in cotton in baby size.

The combination of material and size is picked before starting the Online Designer, so right color palette and template size can be loaded. Choose product, then yarn, then size, then do your design.

Only for sweaters, choose sweater size in the Online Designer, and not upfront.

See all products and options in the overview here

custom knit products
Custom knit products & options

Wildemasche at Instagram

Dear visitor,

we’d like to direct you to the Wildemasche Instagram page. You will find lots of photos and scarf / blanket / product samples there.

WIldemasche product samples

WIldemasche product samples

At Wildemasche.com, you will also find galleries with sample products.

Sample image categories are:

We hope you enjoy surfing through all there wonderful designs and products.

Share your scarf design

In this post, we present you the new sharing feature of the Wildemasche Online Designer. Share, spread and reuse online designs for all Wildemasche products easily with this new tool. Create your custom knit design, and share it with the world. This is how you do it:

Go to Wildemasche.com and choose the product you want to create and share a design for. This is best done on the Wildemasche Products overview page.

Product overview page

Product overview page

Look through the material & size options, and click “Design now” button to start the designer with your desired product. Create your product design, with text, logos, cliparts, patterns, photos etc.

Then click the “SHARE” button on the top right of the online designer.

Online Designer Share button

Online Designer Share button

A popup window opens and gives you options where to share your design: via Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Email, or copy the link to clipboard. You can also download the design as PNG file there.

Design sharing options

Design sharing options

Then, follow the shared link to the design landing page.
There, you or the person you have shared the link with, can order the design without changes.
Or edit the design further. All elements still can be edited (text, size, position, color, font, colors, background pattern etc.)

Shared scarf design

Shared scarf design

Ideas for sharing:

  • Create team scarves, and share the design with your team mates for approval.
  • Set up a scarf voting with several designs, the winner design gets ordered.
  • Create a base design, and share it so every team member can add his own text.
    Team scarf layout with custom text or numbers.
  • Or just use the share feature if you don’t want to do the design in one go, save the link and edit it some more later on.

The Online Designer is not for football or soccer scarves only. This works for all Wildemasche products, like design scarves, blankets and beanie hats.

And this is the link to the “Share me” scarf design.

Enjoy and share your design!

New Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

Dear knitwear fans,
we are proud to present the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer. After months of development, coding and testing, you can now enjoy custom scarf shopping on a new level.

New scarf shop & designer

New scarf shop & designer

  • Responsive design, mobile enabled website and online designer
  • no more Flash player needed
  • easy image upload and color reduction
  • unlimited random design templates for each product
  • save designs and edit them fully after re-opening

are only some of the new features available now.
Only thing missing for scarves and blankets so far are cellular automata algorithm designs, we will add them soon.

In the next few weeks, we will blog about the new features in detail and update the help & faq section to reach the high standard we have set during the last five years of custom online knitwear design.

Ups, almost forgot about the new material options for all products: 100% Merino wool extrafine, 50/50 Merino wool / acrylic blend, and the 100% acrylic option.
Add the new sizes for blankets, extra long scarves and kids footballs scarves, what do you get?
There you are: the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

Custom Scarves and Blankets for Gifting or Yourself

Custom scarves, blankets, and beanies can be designed for your favorite team or the teams of your friends and family. Wear them to games and be the ones with cute scarves that are unique and perfect. We have customized over 20,000 different designs of footballs and soccer scarves so far. If you don’t find what sports team you are looking for, you can contact us to design a scarf that is just for you. Personalize it with your name or photo or the name and photo of someone else.

Your text scarf

Your text scarf

Use the online designer and work with it to design your custom scarf. We can produce for you a single scarf, a few for your family and friends or a large order for companies and sports teams. Be the team that has a unique scarf. Fans and friends will ask you where they can get a scarf like yours; smile and give them our website www.wildemasche.com.

You can also choose from our excellent selection of scarves. There is Pacman, flowers, houndstooth patterns, swirls of blue and electric green, or a scarf with your favorite food designed on the scarf.

Choose a knitted blanket that is made in Germany. Your logo or preferred design is knitted in the blanket. It is not printed on the fabric or embroidered. It is not woven, but actually knit in. The material of our blankets are 50% fine merino wool and 50% soft acrylic. These blanket can be knitted in either 2-color or 4-color and are perfect for gift giving. You can personalize these blankets with any design you wish, and we will knit it.

Our knit blanket gallery features flowers, animals, pictures of your family, or just plain colors. You can have anything you want knitted on an awesome blanket and keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Your text beanie

Your text beanie

Be unique with one of our customized beanies. Our beanies are knitted with a high level of detail and made in Germany. You can design your beanie online, and we will customize and knit your design. Our beanies are made from 100% soft acrylic yarn. We include an elastic ribbon so one size will fit all. You can use up to four colors on one beanie. Go online and find the color palette that includes 22 awesome colors for you to choose.

Cute beanies in our collection include awesome watermelon beanies. Be funky with an anchor or add a skull. Remember that all logos and designs are knitted in, there is no embroidery, weaving or machine printing included in our beanies.

All of our products can be designed with any logo or design that you want. Just work with the online designer, click on the “add own image” button, and you are on your way to receiving the perfect gift.