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Neuro knitting

Some weeks ago, news about a neuro knitting idea went through the press and news websites.

While open to new ideas, I actually think this is rather narrow minded, so to say. Neuro scan for activity (if any) and then knitting it seems like a huge detour, not just because the fewest people will actually have a wearable, non-invasive EEG headset at home.

Think about it: what is more expressive: the lines your brain creates while you think, or the lines your brain and hand want to create while drawing a scarf design? Try designing a custom scarf by hand, not with your ears, your knee or the sound of your hungry stomach. No offense, but that’s my point.

Oh, but this pic from the neuroknit website is nice, but no easy-wearing.

Two sweaters with text

Two sweaters with text