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Fussballgott scarf

“Fussballgott” is a German term that translates to “football god” in English. It is a term used to describe a legendary football player who is revered for their exceptional talent, skill, and achievements in the sport.

Fussballgott scarf schal

The term is often used to refer to players who have made a significant impact on the game and are considered among the greatest football players of all time. Some examples of football gods include Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others.

Looking to boost your status as a football fan? Well, look no further than a custom scarf that declares your divine connection to the sport – because who needs mere mortal status when you can be a football god? Keep warm and command respect from opponents and fellow fans alike with this must-have accessory that’s sure to make you feel like a true deity of the pitch.

Design your custom world cup knit scarf. The one fan merch item you need worldwide. With your custom text, clipart or image knitted in. Get ready for the world cup 2026 and design the team scarf in the colors of your country.

Non league football scarf

The famous non league football & rugby scarf allows the wearer to show pride in their team in an understated and classically knitted style. Traditionally made and hand-finished in Germany, non league football & rugby scarves come in the colours of your choice, all of Europe’s favourite football & rugby clubs are achievable through the Wildemasche yarn palette.

Non league scarf #1
Non league scarf #1

Made in Germany since 2003, the non league football & rugby scarf is totally free & independant regarding design: create your own with or without club badges or logos, it’s your choice and looks as good as you make it. On your way to the pub, the office or the next football match.

Custom premier city scarves with the design of your choice, create and shop them online now. Retro sports club or team knitwear, right from the maker for you personal merchandise wardrobe, memorabilia or personalised sports fandom outfit.

Premium wool football and rugby scarves

Wildemasche premium football scarves

The famous Wildemasche football & rugby scarf allows you to show pride in your team in an understated and classical style. Traditionally made in Italian wool and hand-finished, Wildemasche scarves come in the colors of all of Europe’s favourite football & rugby clubs.

Choose from 100% pure Italian wool, 50/50 merinowool acrylic blend or 100% acrylic. Standard size, kids size and extralarge size available.

Made in Germany and completely unofficial, the Wildemasche scarf is knitted on demand. Choose to add or leave out club badges, sponsors or manufacturers logos; create your design classic that looks as good on your way to the pub or the office as it does at the match.


Scarf Westham United

Scarf Westham United

Scarf Milan

Scarf Milan

Traditionally, Wildemasche offers bespoke orders and custom scarves, starting from 1 piece with your custom design, NO MINIMUM ORDER. Worldwide delivery of premium football scarves, secure payment by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard et al.

We deliver scarves worldwide for English Football, English Premier, Championship, League One, League Two, Non League, Womens Clubs. Providing custom premium scarves for clubs of Scottish Football, European Football, Dutch Clubs, French Clubs, German Clubs, Italian Clubs, Spanish Clubs, English Rugby Clubs, Irish Rugby Clubs, Scottish Rugby Clubs, Welsh Rugby Clubs, French Rugby Clubs


Custom Scarves – Wildemasche Scarves

It takes less than five steps to create your custom scarves:

  1. Visit www.wildemasche.com and pick the desired product. As scarf specialist, Wildemasche offers standard size football / soccer scarves, kids size and maxi size custom scarves.
  2. Start the online designer with the scarf product of your choice. Customize the art for your team scarf, choose colors and check the look of your scarf with the 3D online preview.
  3. Enter desired quantity and order online. Single pieces, no minimum, orders for small, medium  and large clubs, teams and events, we do them all. Worldwide delivery!
  4. Using the high quality materials and latest pixel-to-stitch technology, Wildemasche produces your scarves and ships them directly to your door: call your team mates and do the Professor Farnsworth telling them: “Good news, everyone!”.

Fundraising for soccer clubs

At Wildemasche, we know the importance of fundraising for soccer clubs. Our custom soccer scarves and custom blankets are the best way to raise money and awareness for your club.
Custom scarves for soccer clubs are the top merchandising and fundraising article there is out there.

My team scarf

My team scarf

If you are looking to raise a lot of dollars for your soccer club: custom designed soccer scarves with your team’s name on it will get the job done. Wildemasche products are very popular with soccer fans, other sports fans and fundraisers as well.

Thanks to our scarf design previews, clubs can pre-sell scarves as fundraiser and pay nothing up front. You can design the scarves with the online designer, or send a sketch with email, we will work this out for you. Customized products to get you the funds you need for your sports team, or to kick start any other project. When you are ready to submit your order, production time usually is 1-3 weeks, plus shipping time according to scarf order quantity, shipping option and country. We work with booster clubs, team coaches, parents, and students to create the perfect fundraiser scarf for your club.