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Custom knitting patterns

Tools allow you to create your own custom knitting patterns based on your preferences. Additionally, there are apps to custom fit and sweaterify to design your own patterns.

You ask if apps really help you to design your own custom sweater pattern?

Yes, there are websites and apps that help you design your own custom sweater pattern! With Wildemasche knitting pattern designer, you can create a personalized pattern that fits your knittign need. There is a variety of features to help you customize your sweater, including the ability to adjust the size, repeat elements and create allover designs. Plus, there is a step-by-step instruction to guide you through the process.

You can choose from two sweater models and customize the design with your preferred colors, text, and cliparts. You can even add your name or initials to the sweater! The best part is that the whole sweater can be designed allover, so you can get creative and make it truly unique. Once you’ve finished designing, your personalized sweater will be knitted in Germany and shipped to you within a few weeks. Worldwide express shipping is also available. Have fun designing your sweater!

Rose cloud scarf with something in it

Here is our random design scarf of the day. A rose and white scarf, with cloud outlines in an overall line pattern. Now there seems to be something in the cloud, another pattern that comes and goes.

Design scarf rose clouds
Design scarf rose clouds

Do you like this design? Design your own at Wildemasche, or generate a random scarf design and add cliparts, text etc to it. So many knitting possibilities, so many patterns. Create your desing online now.

Random pattern scarves

Here we come with a new project – the Random Pattern scarf. Your random football scarf pattern is just a click away.

Random scarf

Random scarf

“Create new design” will give you a new random pattern design. Text is currently in German only, but it can be switched off so you can enjoy the pure random design.

Want to customize this random pattern? Simply put the design in the cart, and click “Edit design” to add your own text, logos, cliparts or upload artwork.

Random Jupp scarf

Random Jupp scarf

Enjoy the random scarf ride with Wildemasche!