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New Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

Dear knitwear fans,
we are proud to present the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer. After months of development, coding and testing, you can now enjoy custom scarf shopping on a new level.

New scarf shop & designer

New scarf shop & designer

  • Responsive design, mobile enabled website and online designer
  • no more Flash player needed
  • easy image upload and color reduction
  • unlimited random design templates for each product
  • save designs and edit them fully after re-opening

are only some of the new features available now.
Only thing missing for scarves and blankets so far are cellular automata algorithm designs, we will add them soon.

In the next few weeks, we will blog about the new features in detail and update the help & faq section to reach the high standard we have set during the last five years of custom online knitwear design.

Ups, almost forgot about the new material options for all products: 100% Merino wool extrafine, 50/50 Merino wool / acrylic blend, and the 100% acrylic option.
Add the new sizes for blankets, extra long scarves and kids footballs scarves, what do you get?
There you are: the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

Custom scarves for Christmas

Yes, only six more weeks and Christmas will be here. Are you still looking for a nice present or gift for your loved ones? Of course you do. Who’s got all his presents ready six weeks ahead of christmas?

Christmas songs scarf

Christmas songs scarf

But in any case, you should start thinking about ordering a custom scarf or custom blanket now. Although we are pretty quick with production, worldwide delivery takes some time. Of course, depending on shipping option.

But we hope you join the party in time, so you can get in the mood with your christmas scarf or knit blanket.

Scarf tutorials

Just a quick reminder that we have built up various tutorials for designing a scarf online on our website, as well as on Youtube.

Scarf video tutorials

Although we are already quite a long time in the business of doing custom scarves, it still surprises me how there are always new ideas in the design process. So we kind of focus on showing you the possibilities you have with the Online scarf designer. Of course, you can also design a scarf on your local computer with Photoshop or other design software.

Look on the help & service page to see all the content provided. Another important point, especially for orders from outside Germany (US, Canada, Australia, Asia) is the page with details on shipping prices and delivery times There you will also find a calculator for delivery times and prices.

Put your text or design here – allover the scarf

There actually are a few scarf manufacturers that offer to make your custom scarf at the comfort of your own home. But the point we want to make in this post is that the classical football or soccer scarf is with good cause a knitted one. Period.

Printed scarves may have more colors, embroidered scarves may be good for very small and detailed logos. But the real deal for footy, soccer and football fans is the knitted scarf.

It will first of all keep you warm in winter (or the English summer). Also it will give you a warm feeling around your rough neck, And what is most important in terms of scarf design creation: the whole scarf can bear your design, logo, team name etc.

We’d like to illustrate this with this graphic here:

Football scarf allover design

Football scarf allover design

When taking this design to the knitting machine, the scarf will come out something like this:

Football scarf allover preview

Football scarf allover preview

For the colors of course, it is up to you if you want the design in black and white, red and blue or red, green white. In any case, you can use the whole space allover.