Video game scarves

If you’re a football fan, you will probably love to design a football scarf with your team’s colors and logo. Well, most of the designs we get revolve around sports like soccer, football, rugby, to name just a few.

But make sure to take the name “football scarf” with a grain of salt, because there are a lot of other scarf design ideas out there that have to be knitted in a custom scarf. Video game scarves for example: retro 8-bit designs are destined to be knitted, as the number of colors in a scarf is limited, just as in the early days of computer graphics. Yes, kids, that was before “High definition”, 3D and even before VGA.

So how about your own thermal neck wrap with pixel images and words, knitted in a personal scarf? Start your design today, and wear it as a football fan or retro video game lover. And never mind the name “football scarf”.