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Fine knit sweater sloth

Sloth lazy sweater
Sloth lazy sweater

This fine knit sweater can be loved for one of the following reasons: the design is nicely knitted in, not printed or embroidered.

Sloths are cute in general, this knitted buddy here is no exception to this rule.

And wearing a cotton jumper puts you well ahead of all these other lazy bums, hangin around doing nothing at all all day long. Design your unique soft cotton sweater now.

  • Sweater / jumper with custom lazy animal knitted in
  • Your knit design online
  • Worldwide delivery, fast turnaround. Hurry up to design, then chill when wearing your cotton knit sweater

Statement knit sweater

Unique statement knit sweater with made to order design: discovery the new digital knitwear era.

statement knit sweater
Your statement on a knit sweater

Knitted pullover for men and women. Sleeve and body allover design, 100% cotton. Lightweight jumper with collar for fashion and leisure wear.

Striped spring piece from the custom knitwear boutique, design, shop & order knitwear online now!