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Exploring the Beauty of Jacquard Knitting

Jacquard knitting is a captivating technique that intricately weaves yarn into the fabric of garments, allowing for precise control over colors and structures, resulting in stunning and detailed patterns.

Vibrant Designs and Textures

Jacquard knitting brings your designs to life with vibrant, long-lasting colors and an intricate fabric texture that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Embracing Color Mixing

While traditionally limited to four colors, our experts can guide you in exploring color mixing techniques to create captivating gradients, contrasts, and intricate designs.

Knitting Design Basics

Here are essential tips to enhance your designs:

  1. Limit your palette to four carefully chosen colors for captivating patterns.
  2. Choose from our 26 versatile yarn colors.
  3. Opt for darker base colors to enhance visual appeal.
  4. Create striking color contrasts in trim areas.

Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Follow Design Tutorials

Our tutorials offer guidelines for each product, helping you avoid mistakes and gain valuable insights. Start the Online Designer and try out all sorts of designs. Email us if you get stuck or need help

Step 2. Use Online Templates

Simplify the design process with our templates, add your logo, images, text or cliparts. Use the repeat / tiling tool to create instricate patterns out of simple base forms. Or repeat your elements as allover knit in the whole product.

Step 3. Order a single piece or go directly for larger quantity

Ensure design accuracy and quality by ordering a single piece before production begins. Ready to create the perfect knitting design? Start crafting or connect with our design experts for an expertly guided experience in jacquard knitting. Your artistic journey awaits!