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What is Wildemasche knitting

Wildemasche is a German based online scarf and knit fashion producer and knit lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of products centered around customers’ custom knitwear needs. The company was founded in 2003 and has since become the center of custom knitwear production with online design.

Wildemasche is known for its fast turnaround time for custom designed, trendy and affordable knit clothing items, with the main focus on customer demand and on-demand production.
Business Model is to make custom knit fashion accessible to a global audience.


Wildemasche offers an array of products, including football scarves, jacquard scarves, design scarves, sweaters, blankets, beanies, fabric, pillow cases. All products are knitted and made to order in the Wildemasche production plant in Germany. The company’s product range is evolving, with new items added according to fashion trends.


Wildemasche beats supply chain and working condition issues with production in German, producing only what is actually ordered, on demand. So the company follows the most sustainable and ethical practices there can be, producing zero waste in terms of overproduction or waste.


In summary, Wildemasche is unique, and so are its products. Global delivery combined with on-demand production for online knit fashion at affordable prices. The company’s business model is centered around customer demand and on-demand production, making it a popular choice for fashion-conscious consumers. Without controversies over supply chain issues or working conditions.