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Pixel to stitch knitting

Wildemasche products are made using pixel-to-stitch knitting, where one pixel in the design equals one stitch in the product.

embroidery vs pixel to stitch knitting
  • Knitted designs are permanent and resistant to tearing, washing out, or fading.
  • The whole surface of a knitted product can be designed with customizable colors for each stitch (up to the maximum number of colors).
  • There is a limit to the number of colors that can be used in knitting, typically 2 to 5 colors at a time.
  • Designs in knitting need to be reduced in size to fit a grid, resulting in lower resolution compared to printed or embroidered products.
  • Embroidery is the decoration of fabric or materials with needle and thread, as opposed to knitting which creates a textile by manipulating yarn in loops.

Jacquard knitting and embroidery are both techniques used to create intricate designs on fabric, but they differ in their methods and applications. Jacquard knitting can create complex patterns directly into the fabric structure, while embroidery involves stitching designs onto a separate fabric base.

In terms of display, jacquard knitting can produce a more seamless and integrated design, as the pattern is part of the fabric itself. This makes it suitable for larger, more architectural designs. On the other hand, embroidery allows for more flexibility and creativity in terms of color and thread choices, as well as the ability to add dimension and texture to the design. Embroidery is often used for smaller, more detailed designs, and can be displayed on a wider variety of fabric bases.